Airy – YouTube Video Downloader for Windows

The demo version of Airy for Windows has the following limitations:
1. You have a one-day evaluation period when you can download YouTube videos with Airy without any limitations. After that you still will be able to download YouTube videos, but in quality set not higher than 480p. To choose higher resolution for the downloaded videos, you should purchase a license.
2. MP3 extraction is not available in the demo version.

You can purchase a license to remove these restrictions:

To download a movie from YouTube, do the following:

1. Copy and paste YouTube URL into Airy window:

2. Choose the format to save the downloaded file into:

Tip: The format choice depends on your needs – the device you want to play the file on and the media player you will use for the file playback. For example, video with lower resolution will be perfect for playback on mobile phones, while high-definition video is mostly intended for large displays. If you don`t need the whole video, but just the sound, choose the MP3 format.

3. Click Download” button:

4. Set the destination path for the file. Subsequently, that will be the default folder for all your future downloads.

5. You can easily browse to the folder, which contains the downloaded file, by clicking the magnifying glass icon in Airy window once the download is completed:

You can change the destination path via Menu → Save videos to:

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