Download YouTube Playlists

You can download YouTube playlists, setting video conversion into different formats, including MP3, if you don’t need the video itself.

Note: Playlists downloading in the demo version is possible within the first 24 hours.

Purchase a license to be able to use Airy without any limitations.

To download a playlist, do the following:

1. Copy the YouTube playlist URL and paste it into the Airy window. In case you have a video that is a part of the playlist, you will receive the following:

AIRY_PC_Part_of_PlaylistSelect the corresponding button if you want to download only the video or the entire playlist.

2. Be patient, parsing may take some time.


Currently, Airy does not download age-restricted videos from channels like Vevo. Also, videos marked as deleted cannot be downloaded as well. Such videos will be skipped, and you will get the corresponding message:


3. Once parsing is over, choose the format to save the files into:


4. Finally, click Download.
Set the destination path:


You can change the destination path via Menu → Save videos to: