I can’t activate Airy on macOS 10.10-10.11

When trying to activate Airy on old versions of macOS (10.10-10.11) you will face the following message:Activation_failed_AIRYTo solve this issue you can either perform offline activation or proceed with the following guide:

  1. In Safari open the page  https://activate.airy-youtube-downloader.com/
  2. Click the “Show Details” button:AIRY_connection_not_private
  3. Click the “Visit this website” link:AIRY_visit_this_website
  4. Сonfirm your actions again and click the “Visit Website” button:AIRY_visit_this_website_confirm
  5. Enter the account password when prompted by the system and click the “Update Settings” button:AIRY_activation_macOS_old

Now you will be able to activate Airy on your macOS.