Can I pay for your product in my native currency?

We hope you already know that we don’t handle payments for our products. We are a development company and don’t have secure methods for payments processing. Therefore, we are using secure and trusted global online reselling services of cleverbridge AG.

They accept orders in about 50 (fifty) most wide-spread currencies. So, it is a high chance that your native currency is accepted. When you visit the purchase page for our product, your country of location is automatically detected and the price is usually displayed in the local currency of the country you are in. In order to change the currency you want to pay in, you can use a menu at the top of the online order form called “Show prices in”. The price will be automatically re-calculated when you select another currency.

If you are concerned about the fact that you have an account in different currency than the order is placed in or if you want to place an order in some other currency, we can reassure you that most likely your bank will automatically convert the price. Most of the banks do. So, you will be charged in the currency of your account the sum equal to what you have to pay us, converted using your bank currency exchange rate. This sum might slightly differ because of currency exchange rates difference.

The order process at cleverbridge is protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc. is sent to the recipient securely via the Internet. That’s why you can see the web page address turns to https:// when you are asked to provide a payment info.